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Want to stand out on the web?  Big Video.  When every other site has easing sliders, you can capture your big attitude with a full screen video background.  The world is a big place, so don’t be afraid to stand out while everyone else just falls in line.  Have a business, blog, or just want to show off your big interests?  This is the theme for you.

With almost any piece of (respectable) video you can think of available on YouTube, you have no excuse for not finding that video to set you apart.  Whether you want to be really unique and film your own to upload, or just take something free from an open-source account, its all out there and all you need is the link.  Copy the YouTube share link from the video page and paste in the admin panel.  It takes 20 seconds to have one of the sexiest looking websites on the internet.  And yes, it really is that simple.

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